Free Ebooks APP

Reading books develops imagination and stimulates creativity. Today, we don’t need to have an entire library with paper books covering a large area. All we need is an ebook reader or a good smartphone application. As an inspiration, we share with you the concept of an online store in the form of a mobile application with ebooks. It has a clear list of books with a division into genres and categories, e.g. recommended or best sellers, and the option of free preview, book rating and timeline. The shopping cart button allows  to quickly purchase the selected book by the user. We have also designed a library of purchased items together with a search engine to make it easier for us to return to our favourite novel. The author of this project is Lorenzo Perniciaro, we encourage you to download and visit the author’s portfolio.


Premium Car Mockups

Professional and high quality premium handcrafted vehicle mockups. With the help of these mockups you will present a car wrapping design.